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18 Dec 2018
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Holidays at Deep Creek Lake

Welcome to a new year! Let 2019 be a year of change and betterment-- four whole seasons of great new experiences, bold adventures, and fond memories. 

But here’s the catch: your resolutions don’t just happen! You have to work on them, and that’s where Deep Creek comes into the mix. We’re here to help!

Resolution: "I want to be more adventurous this year!”

How about hitting the slopes at Wisp, trying your hand at a ropes course challenge, or climbing up some big rocks? Deep Creek Lake is an adventure sports haven, full of adventures and opportunities in all four seasons. We’ve got something for all comfort levels and abilities!

Adventure Ropes Course at Deep Creek Lake
Rock Climbing at Deep Creek Lake
Resolution: “I want to get out and exercise more often!”

Perfect- get at it! We’ve got many state parks in Garrett County with countless walking, hiking, and biking trails. You can even throw on some cross-country skis or snowshoes to tackle the terrain in the snow!

Cross Country Skiing at Deep Creek Lake
Hiking at Deep Creek Lake
Resolution: “I want to slow down and enjoy a slower pace of life!”

So you want to slow down and smell the “roses”? Come summer, be sure to do so at our local Lavender Farm for an unrivaled experience of rest and relaxation. For still and serene mornings, drop a line and whittle away the hours at water’s edge or try your hand at paddleboard yoga.

Fishing near Deep Creek Lake
Yoga at Deep Creek Lake
Resolution: “I want to spend more time with family”

The first step to spending more meaningful time with family is to simply get together! Preferably in a place that fosters fun and encourages bonding, some place where everyone will want to gather together, a place where it’s easy to host family game nights and silly daytime adventures: Deep Creek Lake! We’ve got large estates for extended family reunions, modest size lake and mountain homes, and even quaint cabins and modern condos if are looking for a more intimate affair. No matter your family size or resolution needs, Deep Creek Lake has you covered! See you in 2019!

Family at Deep Creek Lake