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18 Mar 2023
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Things to Do at Deep Creek Lake

Ready to plan your summer vacation to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland? We're here to help! There are a lot of factors that should go into planning your vacation. We're going to break down all the top things to consider when planning your trip to the lake!

Location, Location, Location 

While this might be one of the most important choices, it might be the toughest to make! Our homes are searchable based on location and access type. At Deep Creek, homes will fall into a few main catergoies: Lake Front, Lake Access, Lake Area, Ski-In/Ski-Out, Ski Area, & Golf Area. Lake Front homes are homes that have direct access to the water - that means you have your own private access to the water! Most Lake Front homes will allow you to walk right out to the water, but there are a few 'Split Lake Front' homes that might require you to cross a road to your private lake front area. Lake Access homes are located in a community or neighborhood that offers a community-only access area. Each Lake Access home will provide details on how far away the access area is, whether it's swim only or if there's a dock, and directions how to get there. Lake Area homes are those that have no deeded/dedicated access to Deep Creek Lake but are located within 10 minutes of the lake. These homes can often offer more privacy, stunning mountain views, and proximity to other great amenities. 

When trying to decide which location or access is right for your trip, start to think about what you do and don't want to deal with on vacation! Homes in the southern end of the lake offer less boat traffic and more privacy, but are a further drive from area restaurants and other amenities. If you plan to maximize your 'lake time' we definitely recommend Lake Front! If you're looking forward to enjoying the lake, but also other outdoor activities, Lake Access homes might be a better fit for your group. If you're on a budget or fall in love with a Lake Area or Golf Area home - don't worry! There's a public swimming and sandy beach area at Deep Creek Lake State Park for you to enjoy. Talk with your group if you're traveling with a large amount of people and see what they prefer! 

Plan Ahead! 

While Deep Creek is a relatively small town, it does get busy during the summer months! If you're planning to rent a boat, you'll want to make that reservation as soon as you book your home, or at least one month prior to arrival. Other water rentals, like kayaks or stand-up paddleboards, can be rented more last-minute, but we still recommend making those reservations 2-4 weeks in advance. Other activities, like hiking, biking, etc., don't require reservations. The best time to visit the popular parks, like Swallow Falls State Park, is in the morning, before everyone is out and about! Most of the state parks have a small entrance fee for your vehicle, so make sure to have some cash on hand for that. It's best to plan the 'big' activities out, and then look at your open days and see what else your group would like to do! 

The other important part of planning ahead is making sure you're prepared for your rental home! Every home offers different amenities, which are all included on the property listing page, but all homes supply the basic necessities like cultlery, dishes, refrigerators, etc. While we do include a small starter kit when you arrive, you do need to bring your town toiletries and paper products. This includes toilet paper, paper towels, and soaps. It's best to bring that from home so you can get settled right away! Talk to your group and decide who will bring what. You'll also need to bring groceries and food - there are several stores in the area that you can shop, but if you have any special dietary restrictions, we'd recommend bringing what you can from your local go-to market. There are two farmer's markets in the area if you're looking to buy fresh produce and meat, too! They are every Wednesday and Saturday in Oakland, and every Friday in McHenry. 

Home Amenities 

If you know where you want to stay, or what type of access you're looking for, the next step is to dive into amenities! Every home offers its own unique amenities. The most popular are dog friendly, hot tubs, indoor pools, game tables, fire pits, and indoor fireplaces. You can filter your search by date, access type, and then amenities! Talk with your group and see what's most important to have in the home. While we could be will probably rain one day of your week-long think about spending the day at the home and decide what you'd like to have there on a rainy day! A new popular home amenity is an Electric Vehicle charger! From stunning outdoor kitchens to a rock-lined fire pit, there's an amenity for every group! 

Time of Year 

When is the best time to visit? We get that question a lot. The typical summer season falls between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Since Deep Creek is a mountain climate, we're usually 10-20 degrees cooler than surrounding metropolitan areas. That means it takes a little bit longer for the water to warm up! But don't worry, we've found that kids and teenagers will swim no matter the water temperature. The lake temperature will slowly increase throughout the summer, reaching a comfy 70 degrees around July, and stays warm through September. June will typically see more scattered storms, and August and September are usually drier months. If you're visiting in May and June, make sure to pack lots of layers and be prepared for a high of 50-70 degree weather. If you're visiting in July-September, you'll experience more typical summer weather but with less humidity than you might be used to. Temps in July and August tend to be between 65-80 degrees. The perks of visiting in early summer are less crowds, easier time renting boats/changing plans, and calmer water. 

Now that you've got our tops tips for planning your vacation down, what are you waiting for? Browse our rentals online or call in to speak to one of our expert reservation agents to find the perfect home for your summer vacation.