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The Deep Creek Lake area is known as a four-season vacation destination. However, the people who call this place home, work hard to make this community special. 'Railey Gives Back" is an initiative that we have taken on to help support the community. Our employees, homeowners, and many clients and customers have all generously donated their time and money to help give back to this community. When guests book their stay through our website, they have the option to add a small donation on top of their purchase. Then, this donation is given to one of four local organizations. Their donations helps Railey Gives Back every day. You can read more about some of the many charities and foundations Railey Vacations supports below.

Deep Creek Watershed Foundation

The Deep Creek Watershed Foundation

This organization focuses on the health and longevity of Deep Creek Lake. The Foundation works with local officials and experts to focus on current issues within the watershed. Not only do they focus on Deep Creek Lake, but also the entire watershed area that affects the lake. Focusing on these issues now helps ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy Deep Creek Lake. You can read more about the foundation and current projects here.

The Dove Center

This local women’s and children’s shelter allow for a safe environment for those suffering from domestic abuse. The shelter provides emergency housing, in-house counseling, and is a safe place and shelter for victims’ animals. With the help of The Dove Center, our area can help support victims of domestic violence. The Dove Center will soon be opening transitional housing, too! Many events supporting the Dove Center are hosted throughout the year. This includes the annual Festival of Trees event each Thanksgiving. If you are interested in learning more about the Dove Center, click here.

WGW Community Youth Cup

This group host an annual 3-day event to raise money for several local charities. These charities provide money and educational support for the youth of Garrett County. WGW Community Youth Cup supports Landon's Library, Samantha Funding the Arts, and the Andrew S. Woods Memorial Scholarship. From funding art in schools to providing scholarships for graduates, WGW Community Youth Cup raises money for organizations that focus on giving back. You can read more about the WGW Community Youth Cup here.

Landon's Library

This group supports reading and learning for the youth of Garrett County. To date, they helped donate more than 90,000 books to local children! Landon's Library host reading clubs at local libraries and support other events for children and their families. They also support the Beyond the Classroom Learning Bus. This bus provides education and meals to children throughout the summer. You can learn more about Landon's Library here.

Blind Skier Program

Each winter, the Deep Creek Lake Lions Club hosts blind skiers for a few days of fun at Wisp Resort. Each participant is accompanied by volunteer guides to help them down the slopes. Participants also receive accommodations and lift tickets through donations. We are grateful to our homeowners that donate their homes to be used by the Blind Skier program.

HART for Animals, Inc.

We frequently replace bedding and linens in our vacation homes, at the Suites at Silver Tree, and at Will O' The Wisp. When we have extra linens or towels, we donate them to HART for Animals. HART for Animals is located just minutes from our main office building in McHenry, MD. They work to help homeless pets and find them a loving home and are able to use our donations when caring for the animals.

Railey Gives Back

Each month, a different department at Railey Vacations choose a local organization they feel strongly about. The members in that department are responsible for choosing how they wish to donate. They even get to present the donation to the organization. Keep checking back for updates on local organizations we've helped!