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Full-Service Vacation Rental Property Management

Why Railey Vacations is your BEST choice

  •  We have an established Deep Creek Lake, Maryland customer base with a high percentage of repeat business.
  •  We use aggressive marketing and advertising strategies for our Deep Creek Lake rentals that include targeted email blasts, consistent and relevant social media, and visually compelling print ads.
  •  In-house maintenance services reduce rental management costs for our Deep Creek owners.
  •  You will have direct contact with Property Manager assigned to care specifically for your home.
  •  Our highly trained and well-informed reservationists physically view all of our rental homes so that they know our properties inside and out.
  •  We have an on-site design center for remodeling and project needs.
  •  Experienced accounting staff on site.
  •  No listing fee OR monthly maintenance fees for your Deep Creek Lake home. We only make money if we successfully rent your property.





Our People

The leadership team at Railey Vacations contains a dynamic crew of committed professionals with countless decades of experience in the vacation rental industry. Working for you with a deep understanding of the Deep Creek Lake market, they hold true to the respected Railey tradition of excellence while incorporating modern innovations. The Railey Vacations team comes together to increase the value of your rental property investment!

Property Managers that work for YOU

As a Railey Vacations homeowner, you will immediately connect with your personal Property Manager whose chief focus is the care and protection of your property. Your Property Manager will be in regular communication with you to provide up-to-date information on your home and to keep you in the loop with all the quality home care they are providing you.

Your Property Manager will be your front line home advocate with the ability to interface with your qualified and verified local vendors, should the need arise. They are ready to provide concierge level service each step of the way as they advise and direct you through every aspect of maintaining and improving your rental home investment. Through streamlined communication and individualized care, our team of Property Managers help distinguish Railey Vacations from the competition.

Maintenance and Construction Talent

Railey Vacations is uniquely positioned to offer you the highest quality homecare and maintenance services through the able hands of Maintenance Supervisor, Keith Louie. Keith brings more than two decades of industry knowledge and experience to the table to help keep your home at the highest quality it deserves. 

When you grow with us, the signs of success are sure to follow. Expect a hike in repeat reservations and an increase in revenue flowing straight to your pocket - It’s proven!

  • Professional Hardscape and Landscape
  • Custom Concrete Refinishing
  • Kitchen Remodels
  • Custom Walk-in Shower Concrete/Tile
  • Home Additions/Remodeling
  • Drywall and Painting
  • Deck Construction/Repair/Refinishing
  • Hardwood and Tile Installation
  • Stone and Block Work
  • Retaining Wall Construction/Repair
Higher Occupancy = Increased ROI

Our sole purpose as your rental property investment is to utilize all of our tools and talents to increase your return on investment year after year. A measure of our own success includes the 'heads in beds' parameter, in which we consistently beat the competition. This measure of occupancy means more homes filled more often with more guests. More 'heads in beds' means more people falling in love with your property and returning year after year.

As you can see from this typical window in time, Railey Vacations outperforms the competition in future bookings. Our data-driven management strategy is targeted and nimble!


Dynamic Web Presence

Our dynamic online strategy incorporates multiple sites to attract all vacationers looking at the Deep Creek Lake area to your Railey Vacations home. We are the #1 search result for all major keywords; this helps to drive over a million users to our websites annually. This is good news for your rental home investment! Highly focused on the user experience, our websites are responsive and optimized for all devices and browsers. We know that our fresh content keeps travelers coming back, so we keep a close eye on your property pages to ensure that they are reflective of the high quality of your home.

Integration with Technology Trends

We are fully integrated with the major Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as FlipKey, VRBO, Airbnb, Homeaway, and Through these OTAs, your home receives substantially more visibility than those managed by our competitors. Guests who reach out to us through an OTA are able to view your home's description, calendars, and pricing to secure their perfect vacation home without any additional cost to you. Our staff relentlessly monitors and responds to your online reviews and optimizes your listing for positive search results.

Our property management software incorporates the latest technology and industry innovations in order to stay on the cutting edge. Your owner portal is upgraded consistently to ensure ease, accuracy and accessibility in securing personal bookings and viewing the financial reports you require to monitor your investment. Internally, our commitment to utilizing emerging technology to increase your investment includes the application of the industry's newest and most sophisticated lead management software to capture increased sales.

We also strive to provide a technology-driven customer experience by implementing conveniences such as automated text messages when a rental home is ready for occupancy and follow-up surveys emailed to guests after every stay. These digitally-driven touches allow for a guest-experience that feels modern and accessible.


Highly Targeted Traditional and Digital Marketing

Our data driven approach to marketing combines the power of traditional advertising with cutting edge digital media solutions. With a full time photographer and graphic designer on staff, we are able to increase the visibility of your home across multiple platforms through fresh visual content, retargeting campaigns, and continuous social media engagement. Our established and easily recognizable brand continues to attract the most guests to the Deep Creek Lake area. This means more reservations and more revenue for a greater return on investment for your rental property!

Each year we create a modern rental guide utilizing the latest trends in design, and distribute over 40,000 copies to our targeted markets of Washington DC, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Morgantown. Designed to highlight the area and our many amazing homes here, this rental guide provides a visual showcase of your home with a listing of top amenities and a creative short description designed to express all the wonder and excitement unique to your home.

Our Sales

Railey Vacations has a dynamic and engaging sales staff with a proven ability to highlight your property and effectively communicate the four-season Deep Creek Lake experience to our guests. Answering over 60,000 phone inquiries each year, our in-house sales team advocates for you to provide first class service aimed at increasing your vacation home revenue.

Partner with Railey Vacations

We'll Love Your Home As Much As You Do!

Known as a leader in our industry, Railey Vacations is the premier management company for your Deep Creek Lake vacation rental. We provide extraordinary customer service to our guests and homeowners in order to provide the ultimate Deep Creek Lake vacation experience.

Railey Vacations is a top provider of high-quality vacation rental properties at Deep Creek Lake. With more than 500 properties, including our prestige condominiums at Will O' the Wisp and Suites at Silver Tree- and more than 150 dedicated employees- RV has been a Deep Creek institution for more than 35 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Railey Vacations the best vacation rental management company at Deep Creek Lake?

It boils down to a number of critical factors. Railey Vacations boasts:

  • Higher occupancy percentages than the competition
  • Dynamic pricing allowing you to get the highest profit per booking
  • Beand new website design and guest friendly booking engine
  • Higher employee-to-owner ratio
  • In-house services- like construction, laundry, and home design- that lower the cost of home maintenance
  • Exceptional branding and name recognition
  • A Seasoned workforce- some with as many 10, 20, 30 years of experience!
  • Data-driven business model; the numbers talk and we listen!
Are there any specific amenities that increase rental potential?

Absolutely! We are happy to share this information with our homeowners and send out regular updates regarding industry trends‚ wish list‚ items that guests have been requesting. Some of the big ones? Hot tubs, pool tables, A/C, bedroom suites, swimming pools, and fire pits.

What kind of marketing do I receive for my home?

When you bring your home onto our rental market, you are automatically highlighted on our webpage and social media accounts, and are featured in a new home e-blast for instant exposure to thousands of potential guests. Plus, with the help of our talented in-house photographer, you home is guaranteed to shine brightly in pictures, attracting attention and help paint the picture for potential guests. Your home will never look better!

We also integrate fully with Airbnb, Homeaway, VRBO,, and Tripadvisor, allowing guests to book any of our homes through these Online Travel Agencies, for additional bookings and increased revenue.

Each year, we produce a vacation rental guide highlighting all of our incredible properties on our rental market. This guide is distributed to our targeted markets of Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Morgantown, as well as throughout local businesses for visiting guests to browse. Used as a spotlight for the Deep Creek Lake area with an emphasis on each and every vacation home listed with Railey Vacations, this guide focuses on top amenities for your home with an outstanding selection of photos to spark excitement about your unique home.

From traditional print marketing to optimized digital strategies, our marketing team is always working hard to find new and innovative ways to promote Railey Vacations and all our beautiful properties. Have an idea? Share it with us! We are always happy to explore new ideas with you.

How will your sales agents know about my home?

Our reservations sale force are highly trained in both customer service and sales techniques. To help familiarize themselves with the homes under our market, our agents view all rental houses and revisit them when alerted to changes in amenities, decor, styling, or furnishings so that they can provide up-to-date information and make the best recommendations possible.

Because they will get to see your home first-hand, they will be well equipped to sell the story of your house and will be able to paint a picture for our guests, envisioning together all the great ways to spend a vacation at your home.

Am I allowed to use my house while its in your rental program?

Of course! You can block off time for owner use as long as it does not interfere with a confirmed reservation. You can make these accommodations by booking directly through our owner portal, calling any one of our staff members, or by sending an email. Consult with your accountant on the number of days allowed.

Do I need insurance on my rental home?

You do need to have a policy in place that provides coverage for your vacation rental home. We can make recommendations to you with suggested providers.

What happens if I need maintenance service for my home?

Railey Vacations employs a full crew of talented maintenance staff! Our team is here to protect and maintain your home; and to take care of any needs that arise during your stay. While here, you're given a direct line to our maintenance staff and can always reach out regarding any issues that may arise in the home; in fact, we encourage it! We want to make your stay memorable in only all of the most positive ways! Give us a call and our maintenance crew will head over, assess the situation, and make appropriate repairs.

Your home is even protected after hours! Railey Vacations has a 24-hour emergency line that you can call- any time of night- and get a real, live person in the event of an emergency.

Do I need to supply sheets and towels for my renters?

No- Railey Vacations has a commercial laundry facility that provides all sheets, bathroom towels, and kitchen towels for your guests.

What happens when something is damaged by one of my renters? Do the renters pay a security deposit?

All renters are required to pay a non-refundable property protection fee that is automatically built-in to the price of their rental; this fee covers all accidental damage (not caused by malicious or neglectful behavior) up to $3,000 that may occur in the home. So, no worries if a renter accidentally knocks over a lamp- the property protection fee will cover the cost to replace it!

Additionally, Railey Vacations has policies in place to limit damage to the homes in our rental program, including requiring all contract holders to be 24 years of age or older, strict occupancy enforcement, and more.

Will someone be checking/securing my home after each renter departs?

Absolutely! You will be assigned one of our Property Managers who will be your direct contact regarding your home, your guests, and how things are looking on the ground. No one will know your home better than your Property Manager. They will check and secure your home after every reservation.

When/How do we receive rental statements and proceeds?

Statements can be found in your owner portal. Rental proceeds are directly deposited in the account of your choice around the 10th of the month.

Do I need a rental license?

Yes. Garrett County requires that all homes situated within the Deep Creek Watershed be licensed for rental. We will help with this process from filling out the paperwork through readying the home for the county inspection.

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