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24 May 2018
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Deep Creek Lake Hotels

Grab a drink and  a sun hat: you’ll want to spend some time at this divine lakefront location! Everything you could possibly want is within reach, including dinner, drinks, and boat rentals! Explore more!

Nestled against the shores of Deep Creek Lake, Silver Tree is a lakefront haven with all the right ingredients. Featuring the Suites at Silver Tree Lakefront Resort, Dutch’s at Silver Tree fine dining restaurant, the Harbor Bar, and the Silver Tree Marine, you’ll never want to leave this sweet spot. The stunning lakefront connects these Deep Creek locations, forming a selection of businesses to walk between and explore. The lakefront at Silver Tree is a must-visit on any Deep Creek Lake Vacation!

Lakefront Beach at the Suites at Silver Tree
Lakefront Suites at Suites at Silver Tree
Lakefront Deck at Suites at Silver Tree
Silver Tree Marine at Suites at Silver Tree
Outdoor Bar at Suites at Silver Tree