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15 Oct 2018
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Deep Creek Lake News

We've done so much to give back this year-- and we aren't done yet!

At Railey Vacations, we love our role as Deep Creek's #1 Provider of Vacation Lodging. But our role in the community extends far beyond that! We feel very connected to our vibrant mountain-lake community and are proud to lend our support to many local causes each year. These are just some of our recent efforts:

Donating a Steer to Crellin Elementary School

Recently, we were able to participate in the Garrett County Agricultural Fair by partnering with Crellin Elementary School to purchase one of their steers.  This particular steer, “John Deere,” or J.D. for short, was raised by Crellin student, Kane Edwards.  We were then able to donate the steer back to the school to use for lunches as a part of their “Farm to Table” initiative.  When asked, Kane commented that he “thinks he might stay home that day for lunch.” Farming and agriculture are a  major way of life for many of the citizens of Garrett County; this donation helps support local farms and helps to feed our local students with eco-friendly and healthy local beef.



Taking on “Eli’s Challenge” to help Broken Roads Associates, INC.

Earlier this Spring, we issued a call to our Railey Vacations community to take on “Eli’s Challenge” to support the  Broken Roads Associates organization by donating receiving blankets to infants in the NICU.  Our team members and guests worked hard to fill our basket with soft blankets and, thanks to the incredible generosity of one of our homeowners, the basket was brimming with blankets in no time at all. Thank you to the owners of Lost BearadiseTree Haus, and Shiver Me Timbers!!


IMG_2219 (002)

Broken Road Associates’ inspiration is derived from the personal feelings and experiences of two loving parents caring for their daughter in a NICU.  The emotional and physical touch a caregiver can provide to a baby fighting to survive can do amazing things.  Providing support and understanding from parents who have been in the same situation helps alleviate the parental feeling of “…I’m alone in this fight for my baby’s life.”


Funding Local Non-profits and Charitable Organizations

Railey Vacations is a proud supporter of many local charities! In the past year, we have lent monetary support to the Special Olympics of Maryland, Samantha Funding the Arts, Garrett Mentors, the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce, Hart for Animals, and more! Our homeowners get in on the action, too, with free-stays donated to a wide variety of charities and silent auctions all across the east coast!


Participation in the Adopt-a-Road Program!

For the past two summers, we’ve made it our mission to give back to the community that has given so much to us. Donning bright work vests and comfy shoes, we hit the streets- literally- through the Adopt a Road program. Have you noticed how great Mayhew Inn Road and Rock Lodge Road look? We have!


Free Ad Space for the Dove Center

The Garrett County Dove Center provides safety, advocacy, and counseling to those impacted by domestic abuse and/or sexual assault. As part of their fundraising efforts, the Dove Center is selling beautiful Christmas ornaments for the holiday season, sold at their annual Festival of Trees fundraiser. To support the Dove Center, we provided a free ad in our fall magazine!


It’s been a busy, beautiful year in Garrett County and we are so proud to work alongside our friends in the community to do good and invest in the future. We can’t wait for another year of partnership and charity!