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5 Mar 2018
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Deep Creek Lake Area

Deep Creek Lake is a great place to be a dog-- just ask anyone here at Railey Vacations. A big thank you to our employees for sharing some photos of their beloved pooches for your daily dose of cute. Check it out!

Meet Stella!

Owned by Leah, in our accounting department, Stella is a true blond Labradoodle, in all stereotypical senses! Born in Mobile, Alabama, Stella happily resides and plays on Wisp Resort Mountain. She enjoys mountain biking, chasing skiers & snowboarders, swimming in the lake and lounging on the couch watching Netflix.

Meet Sage!

Owned by Laura in Accounting, Sage is a loyal, wild, and playful dog! She loves being outdoors and cuddling. She will gladly give you some kisses! Sage is pictured here playing in the snow-- dogs love all the snow that Deep Creek Lake gets! Perfect for running through and rolling around in.

Meet Tanner!

Owned by Leigh, Director of Revenue Management, Tanner is a 13 year old Lab Mix. Tanner’s mother was adopted from the local animal shelter; little did they know at the time, but their new dog was actually pregnant. Tanner is one of her puppies...two for the price of one! He’s a kind gentle soul that has grown up loving Leigh's kids through their childhood years.

Meet Reba!

Also owned by Leigh, Reba is Leigh's "big girl!" This 3 year old Bloodhound was adopted about 6 months ago from HART for Animals. She has a mind of her own and that serious smug look fits her personality to a tee. She a big cuddle-bug and loves all the attention. She loves to go on runs and bellows the whole time she’s in action.

Meet Duncan!

Also owned by Leigh, Duncan- or "Dunc" for short- is a two month old chocolate lab. Duncan was an unexpected surprise that Leigh's daughter brought home after spending a weekend with her cousin. He’s still in his puppy stage... so that comes with all its challenges. But Leigh says he's the smartest dog she's ever had! After just 3 weeks, he learned how to sit, shake hands, and lay down on command. Needless to say, he gets lots of treats. How can you not love all that cuteness?

Meet Lylah!

Owned by Mikaylah at Will O' the Wisp and Devin in Hot Tubs & Pools, Lylah is a yellow lab. She is just four months old and full of love and energy. She loves to chew shoes and cords, but she's a truly loyal pup!

Meet Tanner!

Also owned by Mikaylah and Devin, Tanner is a small dog with a big personality! She's half Eskimo Spritz and half Terrier. Mikalyah's dad brought her home when Mikaylah was 7 years old; she is named Tanner because she was "tanner than all the other pups." She's got all the energy in the world for being 12 years old!

Meet Hank & Winnie!

Owned by Jenn, our data specialist, Hank and Winnie are two special dogs! Hank loves treats, barking at anything that moves, and long the couch. His sister Winnie is the rebellious, adventurous counterpart to Hank's more lazy, reserved character. She loves fetch, zoomies, sneaking food when no one's looking, intentionally covering herself in mud, and generally anything that gets her into trouble.

Meet Kohl!

Owned by Christy at the Suites at Silver Tree and Keith at Property Services, Kohl loves to swim and chase his ball! Walks, hiking, and playing in the snow are also some of his favorite things to do.

Meet Bruno!

Owned by Jenny, our Housekeeping Supervisor, Bruno is 13 years old. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car and lost use of his leg when he was just a few months old, so he now only has 3. But you would never know it! He runs, digs holes, and plays like any other 4 legged dog. His favorite pastime is chasing squirrels in the neighborhood. Always faithful, he is never far from Jenny!

Meet Alvin!

Owned by Kellee, one of our dedicated Property Managers, Alvin loves to be pampered! Although he goes by 'Alvin', his full name is Prince Alvin Spuds Makenzie Oliver the Second!

Meet Ellie Mae!

Also owned by Kellee, Ellie Mae, sister to Alvin, loves going on car rides! What a sweet girl!

From swimming in the lake and hiking in the woods to curling up in front of a crackling fireplace, it's a proven fact that dogs LOVE Deep Creek Lake. As you start thinking about your next mountain-lake vacation, consider taking your furry family members with you. We have a large selection of dog friendly properties!

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