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19 Apr 2017
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Deep Creek Lake Area

It’s that time of year; the black bears are emerging from their winter slumber and out enjoying spring. We’ve already had several sightings this spring, so they’re definitely out! While the black bears are one of our favorite local icons, it’s important to remember that they are still wild animals and there are some need-to-know basic ground rules that are helpful when dealing with our fuzzy friends.

  • Always use your bear proof trash containers – With natural sources of food more scarce during early spring, black bears are much more likely to look for human sources for food. All vacation homes in the lake area are equipped with bear proof trash containers to help keep your trash in and the bears out.
  • Clean your grills/fire-pits – The warm air of spring usually has most of us outside firing up those grills and fire-pits. While your cooking food will most likely not attract a bear immediately, if you don’t clean your grill or pick up all food, the lingering smells will attract them. The last thing you want is a yard full of trash or a ruined grill.
  • Keep your distance – This might sound like common sense, but it’s very important not to approach a black bear should you see one, no matter where it is. The bears around the lake are less afraid of noises and people, so they may not always run away when they see or smell you. It can be tempting to want to get closer to snap that pic, but it definitely is not worth it and is not a good idea.
  • Help us keep them wild – By making sure your trash is secured and the bears aren’t eating unnatural food sources, our black bear population can remain happy and wild. We live in a beautiful area filled with a diverse ecosystem, and our furry black bear friends are part of it.

Black bears are naturally shy and mild-mannered, so you shouldn’t be worried when out hiking and enjoying nature. More times than not you’ll just catch a glimpse as they run away. Bear sightings are very common in our area from April-November and if you happen to see a bear during your visit, it’s a very neat experience that you’ll always remember. Even if you’ve seen them several times, you’ll still enjoy your rare sighting.