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27 Dec 2018
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Deep Creek Lake News

What kind of weather lies in store for us over the next couple of months? While there is no way to know for sure, we looked into some expert opinions to make a few predictions. Fingers crossed for snow!

Winter View of Deep Creek Lake

While there are certainly a few differing opinions out there, here is what we know for certain about our current winter season: it is likely to be dominated by an El Nino weather system. This natural weather phenomenon will dictate much of the weather we will experience, especially in early winter.

For most of the country, the El Nino will bring about slightly warmer than average temperatures this winter. Maryland, however,  is located in a bit of a sweet spot and is less likely to be affected by this warming than other areas of the country. Most experts anticipate average winter temperatures for our region. Where Maryland is more likely to be affected is in regards to precipitation. Experts are anticipating more snow than average for the Mid-Atlantic and Appalachian regions!

That said, this El Nino is expected to be a weaker variant than in past years. While we are likely to see more snow than average, we are also likely to avoid any massive blizzards like the blockbuster 2015 “Snowzilla” snowstorm. This is all good news for DCL travelers as experts predict enough snow to play in and enjoy, but not enough to hinder travel.

While these are all predictions and bits of informed speculation, it certainly bodes well for the season ahead. Our fingers are crossed for a magical winter season with lots of snow!

Dogs in Snow at Deep Creek Lake
Winter Waterfall near Deep Creek Lake

Why are we wishing for snow?

Snow makes for a wonderful addition to any Deep Creek winter vacation. Whether or not you plan to hit the mountain for skiing, snowboarding, or snow tubing at Wisp Resort, there are still a million different ways to enjoy the snowy weather in Deep Creek. You can take a scenic hike to nearby Swallow Falls State Park to check out their spectacular falls from a winter perspective; even if you have visited this popular state park in the summer, taking sight of the park in winter is totally worth a second visit! There are also many sites around the lake to walk and explore, including Deep Creek Lake State Park. If you are nervous about winter hiking or just want an expert guide, check out All Earth Eco Tour’s offerings of guiding hiking and snowshoeing adventures.

After all is said and done, is there anything better than curling up before a crackling fire and watching the snow drift down from the comfort of your own private retreat? Or retreating home to a bubbling outdoor hot tub? We don’t think so!

So, what do you think? Are your fingers crossed for ample snow this winter season?

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Skiers at Wisp Resort Deep Creek Lake