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Railey Vacations Aims to Make Your Stay Safe & Enjoyable!

Railey Vacations has always been commited to providing the best possible vacation experience for our guests. From the cleaniness of our homes to the amenities provided to our procedures, we strive to maintain the highest standards. Read more about how we help fulfill this mission!

Keeping Our Homes Clean

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Railey Vacations implemented new, EPA approved santizing solution - Neutra Clean-RX. This sanitizing solution is pH neutral, non-toxic, non-caustic, phosphate and chelant free, and provides thorough disinfection.


This solution is used on all major touch points in a home, including light switches, door handles, and railings. Linens are cleaned in our state of the art laundry facility, which steams and cleans the linens at a temperature that quarantees cleanliness and kills bacteria.


Our laundry facility allows us to safely clean linens in between guest stays. Our homes are cleaned by experienced and knowledgeable cleaning crews who are familiar with the area, the individual homes, and our standards. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing
Property Care

Property Management, Maintenance and Amenity Care

Our maintenance, hot tub service, and property management crews work hard for our homeowners and guests to ensure a pleasant experience for all. From recurring services for amenities like pools and hot tubs, to helping to fix or repair a one-time issue - our team is working safely and efficiently in between and during guest stays. If servicing any amenity or issue during a guest stay, our team works in a safe, contact-free manner. 


Prior to arrival, our property managers check each home to assure it's ready for guest arrival. Their quality assurance checks helps catch anything that may have been missed, or any possible damages from prior guests. Each property manager has a small number of homes that they work with full-time - they're the expert on that home! They also help our marketing and reservations team stay up-to-date on any new updates within the home, including new added amenities, updated appliances, and more. 

Reservation Process & Procedures

We are always striving to keep our processes effecient, updated, and easy! From searching our website for your perfect vacation rental home to the time you check-in, we hope that the process is seamless. Our brand-new website features easy to use functions, highlights important details, and showcases our beautiful homes. Booking online is easy - but feel free to call our awesome reservations team, too! Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Railey Vacations was implementing remote check-in and check-out procedures. Since March 2020, nearly all homes are utilizing remote check-in - meaning you go straight to your vacation rental home without having to stop at our office for keys! Not only does this save you time, but it also reduces any unnecessary contact for your group. Prior to your arrival, you'll receive information pertaining to your home, the area, and any additional things we want you to know for your stay (like what to bring!). 


Our commitment to our guests and homeowners has always been an important part of the mission of Railey Vacations. We continue to explore new ways to help better serve our guests through all of our departments and services.

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